The Halifax Area Security Klatch is a sponsored monthly meeting open to anyone in the local IT community. Attendees come from various local businesses across both the public and private sectors and include management and technically skilled people. Attendance is typically anywhere between 25 – 60 people.

The HASK membership is free and meetings are hosted in the evenings, attracting professionals that are engaged and want to network with their peers. This model has proven to be very successful and we maintain consistent attendance as compared to other vendor sponsored activities in our region.

The HASK is organized by the Board Members of the AtlSecCon Events Society, the same non-profit organization that is behind the annual Atlantic Security Conference.



The Halifax Area Security Klatch provides a great opportunity to build upon existing relationships and create new relationships with the information security and greater I.T community in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Every meeting is held at the Lower Deck – Tap room and the average cost to host a HASK is $2000.00. This includes the location, social with drinks and snacks, projection equipment and wait staff. Your team just has to show up and we’ll handle the rest.

Sponsorship benefits include:

* Speaking opportunities – The first presentation session is always reserved for our meeting sponsor. This is a great opportunity to introduce your organization and team to the local community.

* Extended networking – HASK attendees come from both the public and private sectors, and in many instances are peers with some of your existing customers. The HASK meeting creates an excellent environment where user experiences can be shared and new introductions can be made.

* Elevated company profile – Increase the awareness of your organization to help and build a customer base in Atlantic Canada via this meeting, promotion within our groups, websites, social media and monthly mailer.